What's in it for you?

Relationships are also networking

Our employees work closely with clients building relationships that stand the test of time.

  • Immersion in the business of our clients enables you to understand both their short and long-term needs and to develop your skills.
  • Each professional employee has a mentor and is ultimately guided by a partner, to act as a business advisor for clients, over and above the preparation of a tax return or audit.


Specialization is a double-edged sword

Our new graduates do not immediately specialize in either tax or audit.

  • This allows you to find the area in which you have the greatest talent. This all round experience gives a strong foundation for your later specialization in a particular industry or sector.
  • When clients need new skills, this leads to additional specialized training.


Qualifications are about what you need

It is not one size fits all.

  • Fouts & Morgan will work with you to gain the qualifications and skills to do your work with excellence.
  • You get over forty hours continuing professional education via webinars, conferences, university attendance, and workshops each year to keep relevant.
  • We construct a comprehensive development plan for each employee with plenty of flexibility to allow for changes in direction and specialist training to support clients.

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