Your Security

is a top priority


Fouts & Morgan continually review the security of your data residing with us by doing the following;

  • Renewing and strengthening our Firewall to protect your data from threats outside of Fouts & Morgan, such as hackers, trojan horses and other malware that can target your data electronically.
  • Restricting internal access to insecure websites and data sources to shield your data.
  • Minimizing client data removed from the Firm, loading only client data related to the specific client visit onto laptops.
  • Real-time Monitoring of potential threats by;
    • reporting on server attacks, malware and firewall breaches.
    • responding to software Warning Alerts.
    • controlling visitor logins.
    • using cellular access for personal employee business


When you go to file your taxes, you are told that someone has already filed under your name.

What do you do?

Fouts & Morgan have dealt with this issue on behalf of clients who have had their data hacked into while it resided on a retailer or healthcare provider's database. We can represent you with the IRS to resolve this issue whether you are a client or not.

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