Tax Return Preparation is a year-round job.

But....not for you!


March 15th is the deadline for businesses, with a December year end.

September 15th if you have filed an extension for a December year end business.

Deadlines for non December year end businesses are the 15th of the 3rd month after the year end.


April 15th is the deadline for individuals.

October 15th if you have filed an extension.

The most effective tax preparation is approached as a year-round job because the law changes on a regular basis, and this gives time to model up the implications and to apply the best result, giving you a smaller tax bill.

Fouts & Morgan tailor their approach to the individual. By working year round we avoid the 'one size fits all' scenario that has to be applied if you only send us your tax data the day before it is due.


We do our best work for individuals when we can evaluate how changes in your income timing, amounts, sources and liabilities will affect you and advise you ahead of time when to exert stock options, sell property or take 401(k) payouts.

We do our best for businesses when we have an advisory role allowing us to recommend timings of acquisitions, mergers, sales, expansions and major reorganizations, recommending timings for your major income and expenditure flows.

We think you want our best work.

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