Information Technology

When you are building a strong, sustainable information security program, clear, concise, and comprehensive information security policies and procedures are the right place to start. Our consultants bring the kind of deep insight and experience necessary to help you develop—and document—the necessary standards and procedures to secure your IT environment, and to satisfy compliance and regulatory reviews that require written information security programs. 

Given the sensitivities of data they gather, process, and utilize, organizations are at heightened risk for breach—elevating their need for cutting-edge cybersecurity. We offer comprehensive cybersecurity advisory services, helping clients articulate their cybersecurity strategy, understand their risk exposure, and meet stringent regulatory and compliance requirements.

To assess each client’s data security vulnerabilities, our penetration testers and security experts simulate the tactics, techniques, and procedures used to target and expose high-risk cyber assets. Our efforts examine both internal and external penetration threats, using web application, social engineering, wireless and vulnerability scanning to identify areas that require improvement. Working with that knowledge, we then distill our findings to produce the clear insights necessary to develop—and implement—effective security solutions.

Our efforts are designed to help your organization:

  • Determine whether your assets and/or data are at risk
  • Identify security vulnerabilities and system misconfiguration before they can be exploited
  • Provide insight into a hacker’s potential motivation to harm your environment and develop strategies to prevent breaches
  • Determine the risk level of your assets and data and create protocols to minimize those risks.